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NALFA Sets Dates for Attorney Fees Webinar Series

January 7, 2015 | Posted in : NALFA News

NALFA is hosting a series of webinars on attorney fee and legal billing issues throughout 2015.  These five 90-minute panel-style CLE programs will focus on an array of attorney fee and legal billing issues.  All these CLE webinars will be free for NALFA members.  The dates are as follows:

March 26, 2015: “Winning Attorney Fees in Court: Hot Issues, Case Strategy, and Fee Calculation”

May 28, 2015: “Bankruptcy Fee Examiners and Bankruptcy Cases”

July 23, 2015: “The Role of Special Fee Masters in MDL Cases”

Sept 24, 2015: “Mediation Training for Resolving High-Stakes Attorney Fee Disputes”

Nov 19, 2015: “The Process and Methodology for Legal Bill Auditing in the U.S.”

For more on these CLE programs, visit http://www.thenalfa.org/CLE-Programs/