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Our Benefits

Our goal is to provide network members with the tools, resources, and opportunities to promote their expertise, highlight their work, and expand their knowledge base of ethical billing and reasonable fees.


Follow Best Practices in Outside Legal Fee Analysis

NALFA members pledge to follow the Best Practices in Outside Legal Fee Analysis.  Our best practice measures represent the professional mainstream of outside legal fee analysis.  In observing these peer review driven standards, our members can ensure their clients that they will receive integrity in the process and reliability in the results.

New Client Referrals

For members, as an A.M. Best's Client Recommended Expert Service Provider, law firms, insurers, and corporations (both fee-seeking and fee-challenging) routinely turn to NALFA on a range of large, complex attorney fee and legal billing matters.  We refer these clients to our membership, and in certain cases recommend specific members.

Annual Hourly Rate Survey & Report

Every year, NALFA conducts an hourly rate survey of civil litigation in the U.S.  This annual empirical survey and report provides macro and micro data of current hourly rate ranges for both defense and plaintiffs’ litigators, at various litigation experience levels, from large law firms to solo shops, in routine and complex litigation, and in the nation’s largest legal markets and beyond.  All our network members will be given this hourly rate survey and report at no cost.

Professional Certificate of Qualification

Upon joining NALFA, members will receive a professional certificate of qualification.  This professional certificate shows that they are certified in their member category and follow Best Practices in Outside Legal Fee Analysis.  NALFA also provides a name-specific logo for members to display on their website and/or on social media accounts.

News Updates on Attorney Fee & Legal Billing Matters

Network members will receive regular e-mail updates on the latest jurisprudence and scholarship on reasonable attorney fees from across the U.S.  These news updates report on important attorney fee case law, reliable studies, reports, and articles on attorney fees and legal billing matters.  NALFA members will also be featured in a section of this newsletter.

Listing in Membership Directory with Profile Quote & Profile Page

NALFA members will be listed in our online membership directory.  Members will be provided their own profile page with relevant contact and bio information.  To better serve clients, these profile pages will only list substantive fee and billing related engagements.  NALFA also provides members with profiles quotes.  These profiles quotes are based on bio, CV, case summaries, and case materials provided to NALFA.

Promote News in NALFA's News Blog

Network members can promote news in our News Blog, the only blog specifically devoted to national attorney fee and legal billing issues.  Members can take advantage of reaching a national audience by posting news, articles, and announcements in NALFA's News Blog, a heavily trafficked website and a great source for attorney fee and legal billing information.

Free CLE Programs

NALFA hosts CLE programs on attorney fee and legal billing topics.  All our programs (live and on-demand) are free for network members.  This amounts to 34 hours of free educational programming in one year.  Our CLE programs are the perfect opportunity for members to build on their knowledge base and remain proficient in legal fee analysis.

Faculty Standing & Permanent Sponsorship Status

We invite our network members to participate in our CLE programs as panelists and sponsors.  By participating in our CLE programs, network members not only help develop program content, but also help shape the growing body of scholarship on a range of attorney fee issues.  All our network members hold faculty standing.  All firm network members are considered permanent program sponsors.  These program sponsors receive additional benefits.

Podcast Interview Opportunities

NALFA hosts a popular podcast series, "LAW - Litigators At Work".  NALFA interviews our network members on their background, area of expertise, and on other attorney fee and legal billing issues.  These podcasts are done in a relaxed and casual format.  Our Podcasts are featured in our emails, social media networks and available on our website, and are free to all.

Network Logo & Social Media Promotion

All network members will receive a name-specific logo for display purposes.  Network members can use this logo on their website and social media accounts.  Throughout the year, NALFA will also promote individual network members on its social media accounts.

For questions on the membership benefits and annual dues, contact Terry Jesse, NALFA Executive Director, at (312) 907-7275 (direct) or email terry@thenalfa.org