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Meet the Nation’s Top Rated Attorney Fee Experts

June 16, 2015 | Posted in : Fee Expert / Member, NALFA News

Attorney fee experts are judicially qualified expert witnesses who provide expert declarations on the reasonableness of attorney fee and expenses.  Attorney fee experts are retained when attorney fees and expenses are at issue by both fee-seeking and fee-challenging clients. 

NALFA qualifies attorney fee experts from across the U.S.  The following profile quotes are based on bio/CVs, case summaries and case material to and verified by NALFA.  Here are nation’s top rated attorney fee experts:

Bruce Meckler: “The Nation’s Most Experienced Attorney Fee Expert”
Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick & Pearson
Chicago, IL

John O’Connor: “High Qualified on Large, Complex Attorney Fee Disputes”
O’Connor & Associates
San Francisco, CA