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Six Basic Documents Supporting an Attorney Fee Award

December 15, 2009 | Posted in : Billing Practices, Fee Agreement, Fee Award, Fee Award Factors, Fee Expert / Member, Fee Request, Hourly Rates, Prevailing Party Issues


To maximize the chances of success of a motion to obtain attorney's fees in the requested amount, the prevailing attorney always should present the following six basic supporting documents. The local jurisdiction may require others. However, even if not required, to maximize your chances of receiving the attorney fee award you want, always submit the following six basic supporting documents:

  • Time Records
  • Fee Agreement
  • Biographies of the Attorneys and Legal Assistants
  • Evidence of the Prevailing, Customary or Market, Hourly Rate
  • Factual Background and Opinion Given by a Primary Billing Attorney
  • Opinion of an Expert Witness

Source: Leonard Bucklin, Attorney Fee Awards