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NALFA Year in Review: Top 10 NALFA Stories of 2014

December 26, 2014 | Posted in : NALFA News

Here are the top 10 NALFA headlines of 2014:

1.  Nation’s Most Important Attorney Fee Rulings of 2014

2.  NALFA to Rate Legal Bill Auditing Programs

3.  NALFA Bankruptcy Fee Examiners Filing Amicus Brief in Asarco Case

4.  Use a NALFA Fee Dispute Clause in Your Fee Agreement

5.  NALFA Goes International

6.  NALFA Recognizes Nation’s Most Influential Attorney Fee Scholarship

7.  The New Case Against Professional Class Action Objectors

8.  Solo Methodology vs. Professional Methodology in Legal Fee Analysis

9.  Meet the Nation’s Top Rated Attorney Fee Experts

10. NALFA’s Organizational CV