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NALFA Podcast with Andy Jardini

August 7, 2017 | Posted in : Fee Expert / Member, NALFA News

NALFA hosts a podcast series on attorney fee issues.  We talk to thought leaders, attorney fee experts and attorney fee newsmakers who’ve help shape and influence the jurisprudence of reasonable attorney fees.  NALFA interviews members, faculty, judges, law professors, in-house counsel and others to discuss a range of issues on attorney fee and legal billing matters.

NALFA’s fifth podcast featured an interview with NALFA member Andy Jardini.  Andy Jardini is managing partner of KPC Legal Audit in Glendale, CA.  Andy has developed a particularized practice regarding the review and analysis of legal billings.  Since 1986, he has performed services on behalf of a wide variety of clients concerning all aspects of the issues of reasonableness and compensability of legal fees.  Under the auspices of KPC Legal Audit Services, Andy has performed more than 1,000 audits, involving more than $1 billion in legal fees.  His services have been rendered as a consultant, an expert witness in litigation, and as an attorney in fee litigation.

The NALFA podcast with Andy Jardini focused on his work as a litigator and as an attorney fee expert.  Jardini discussed several issues in the attorney fee arena including fee-shifting litigation, attorney fee agreements and proper billing practices.  Jardini also discussed the use of technology and human interface in reviewing legal fees for reasonableness.

“This podcast series is the perfect broadcast format to discuss attorney fee issues,” said Terry Jesse, Executive Director of NALFA.  “Andy’s a pioneer in legal fee analysis and one of the nation’s top attorney fee experts.  It was great to learn about his early career and the important work he does at KPC Legal Audit,” Jesse conclude.  Click on the link below to listen to the NALFA podcast: