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Controlling Litigation Costs

November 16, 2009 | Posted in : Article / Book, Legal Bills / Legal Costs, Litigation Management


In a recent interview, "Contolling Litigation Costs", Brad Wright, Practice Manager for the Risk Management and Product Liability practice group at Roetzel and Andress discusses the need to get counsel involved at the earliest stages of a crisis. Brad explains, "The first 48 hours after a castastropic incident are the most ctitical for ensuring that all bases are covered from the standpoint of the company."

Brad continues, "Many large companies throughout the country are requiring that litigation budgets be set and reviews be scheduled with their attorneys at the early stages of the matter. This allows the client to fully understand what costs will be associated with that type of litigation or what alternate approaches may be considered. This allows clients - in conjuction with their attorneys - the opportunity to determine what course of action they want to pursue on the matter. Many companies have begun to participate in pre-litigation mediation and other alternative dispute resolution that reduce litgation costs and still resolve their matters."