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Attorney Fees To Be Determined in NFL Concussion Settlement

September 3, 2013 | Posted in : Contingency Fees / POF, Expenses / Costs, Fee Agreement

The NFL has reached a $765 million settlement with 4,500 retired football players in the consolidated concussion-related litigation.  U.S. District Judge Anita Brody will still have to approve the settlement after reviewing it, but the recommendation comes from the mediator, Judge Layn Phillips.  According to Judge Brody’s order, this “settlement holds the prospect of avoiding lengthy, expensive and uncertain litigation, and of enhancing the game of football.” 

The plaintiffs' attorney fees and expenses are to be determined.  The attorney fees and expenses will be paid from a separate fund.  According to the terms of the settlement, “legal fees and litigation expenses to the plaintiffs’ counsel, which amounts will be set by the District Court.”  The court, though, is not bound by the plaintiff attorney contingency fee agreements.

For more on this settlement, visit http://nflconcussionlitigation.com/