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The Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Experts of 2018

May 10, 2018 | Posted in : Fee Expert / Member, NALFA News

Every year, NALFA, a non-profit group, announces the nation’s top attorney fee experts.  Attorney fee experts are judicially qualified experts who provide expert testimony and reports on the reasonableness of attorney fees and expenses in underlying cases.  Attorney fee experts are increasingly retained by fee-seeking or fee-challenging parties in litigation to independently prove reasonable attorney fees and expenses.

Our attorney fee experts also include court adjuncts such as bankruptcy fee examiners, special fee masters, and fee dispute neutrals.  All our attorney fee experts have at least 5 years complex litigation and trial experience and adhere to the ethics of reviewing outside legal fees. 

NALFA helps organize and recognize qualified attorney fee experts from across the U.S. and around the globe.  The following profile quotes are based on bio, CV, case summaries, and case materials provided to NALFA.  Here are the nation’s top attorney fee experts of 2018:

John D. O’Connor: “Nation’s Top Attorney Fee Expert”
O’Connor & Associates
San Francisco, CA

Andre E. Jardini: “30 Years of Fee Audit and Expert Experience”
KPC Legal Audit Services
Glendale, CA

Stephen J. Herman: "Outstanding Skills Assessing Fees in Class Actions"
Herman Herman & Katz
New Orleans, LA

Gary E. Mason: “Highly Skilled on a Range of Fee and Billing Issues”
Whitfield Bryson & Mason
Washington, DC

Robert M. Fishman: "Nation's Top Bankruptcy Fee Examiner"
Fox Rothschild
Chicago, IL

Elise S. Frejka: "Widely Respected as a Bankruptcy Fee Examiner"
Frejka PLLC
New York , NY

Robert L. Kaufman: “Experienced on Cumis Counsel Fees and Billings”
Woodruff Spradlin & Smart
Costa Mesa, CA

Glenn Newberry: “Understands Fee and Billing Issues Across Borders”
Eversheds Sutherland
London, UK

George F. Indest: “Excellent on Attorney Fee Issues in Florida”
Health Law Firm
Altamore Springs, FL

Please note: NALFA did reach out to other self-identified attorney fee experts for this survey.  They did not respond to our requests.  For more on the Nation's Top Attorney Fees Experts, visit https://www.law.com/legalnewswire/news.php?news=eXBJV01pb2plTkQzR3NBOVY3SHJJZz09