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NALFA to Rate Outside Legal Bill Review Programs

June 22, 2016 | Posted in : Billing Practices, Defense Fees / Costs, Fee Data / Fee Analytics, Legal Bills / Legal Costs, Legal Spend, Litigation Management, NALFA News, Study / Report

Legal bill auditors are companies who provide quantitative analysis of legal billing entries.  Legal bill auditors help to categorize and summarize billing entries.  Legal bill auditors are hired by clients such as insurance carriers, law firms, corporations, government agencies and municipalities to analyze legal billing entries in underlying litigation and transactional matters.

Legal bill auditing is part art and part science.  No two legal bill auditing programs are the same.  As a professional body, our mission is to ensure quality and reliability across the legal fee analysis profession.  NALFA’s rating system will help fulfill part of this mission.  Our rating program will provide clarity to legal bill auditing.  Our rating system will also assist clients who use outside legal bill review programs.

Legal billing auditing programs will be rated by process, methodology, technology, personnel, customer service and leadership.  NALFA has identified the following U.S.-based outside legal bill review programs (members and non-members) to be rated:

Legal Fee Solutions, LLC (Member)

KPC Legal Audit Services (Member)

Bottomline Technologies (Member)

Alan Gray, Inc. (Mike Ceppi) (Non-Member)

Legal Fee Advisors (David Paige) (Non-Member)

Sterling Analytics (David Sterling) (Non-Member)

Stuart Maue (Harry Maue) (Non-Member)

Legal Cost Control (John Marquess) (Non-Member)

Elevate Services, Inc. (Lokendra Tomar) (Non-Member)

"We are not interested in legal bill auditing programs being uniform, just competent.  We look forward to working with members and non-members in rating the nation's top legal bill auditing programs," said Terry Jesse, Executive Director of NALFA.