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NALFA Goes International

November 14, 2014 | Posted in : Billing / Fee Guidelines, Billing Practices, Expenses / Costs, Fee Data / Fee Analytics, Fee Dispute, Fee Expert / Member, Hourly Rates, Legal Bills / Legal Costs, Legal Spend, Litigation Management, NALFA News

NALFA is now welcoming international members.  Legal fee analysis is an international practice with professionals throughout the world including the UK, Australia, and Canada. While legal billing practices vary from nation to nation and locality to locality, the nature of many of the underlying issues are the same.

“With U.S. law firms opening offices abroad and foreign corporations involved in litigation in U.S. courts, at NALFA, we think there’s tremendous business opportunity for domestic and international members to work together,” said Terry Jesse, Executive Director of NALFA.  “With the proper training, domestic and international members can learn from one another.  Many of the skills are transferable such that our members can look beyond their home country for clients,” Jesse concluded.