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Factors for Evaluating of Law Firm Management

July 27, 2009 | Posted in : Litigation Management


General Experience Level of Attorney Handling the Account
Beware if your cases are handled largely by neophytes and new associates. Young attorneys may need to learn on the job and cut their teeth on some files, but should it be on your account?

Caseload Size of the Attorneys Handling the Account, on a Per-Lawyer Basis
Even the best attorneys are not going to be able to do a good job if they are loaded down with 200 cases. No one can quantify with precision the optimum caseload size. Each client has to assess that individually.

The Percentage of Your Files Compared to the Attorney's Entire Case Load
If your cases are only 5 percent of any attorney's caseload, do not expect to carry a lot of clout. There are advantages to being a big fish in a small pond.

The Attorney Turnover Rate During the Past Year or Two
A revolving door saps continuity, impairs the quality of file-handling and makes it harder for lawyers to really follow your account instructions.

The Frequency with Which Partner Reviews the Assoicates' Files
At a minimum, this should be done monthly. With new lawyers, every week or every other week may be appropriate. Are there written records of these reviews? Can the auditor see them? The auditor is not looking to review an attorney's appraisal or personnel file. This would be an invasion of privacy.