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10 Largest Class Action Attorney Fee Awards in U.S. History

June 20, 2021 | Posted in : Contingency Fees / POF, Fee / Rate Economics, Fee Award, Fee Award Data, Fee Data / Fee Analytics, Fee Scholarship, NALFA News, Practice Area: Class Action / Mass Tort / MDL, Settlement Data / Terms

A recent Bloomberg Law story by Roy Strom, “Meet the Professor Big Law Hires to Collect Nine-Figure Fees,” reports on attorney fee awards in the 10 largest class action recoveries in the U.S. have paid class counsel a range of fee when measured as a percentage of the settlement amount:

As stated in the article, there is no central authority to track class action settlements and attorney fee award data.  We at NALFA, would like to to be this authority.  As a non-profit group, we can worked with outside groups and individuals to promote and promulgate empirical research and data on attorney fee awards in a range of underlying litigation practice areas.