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NALFA hosts a podcast series on attorney fee issues.  We talk with thought leaders, attorney fee experts, and attorney fee newsmakers who've helped shape and influence the jurisprudence of reasonable attorney fees. 

NALFA interviews members, faculty, judges, law professors, in-house counsel, and others on a range of attorney fee and legal billing issues.

Click on the audio link below to listen to the podcast:

NALFA Podcast No. 2: Interview with Law Professor Charles M. Silver

NALFA’s second podcast featured an interview with Charles M. Silver, Professor of Law at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law.  The NALFA podcast with Professor Silver focused on his empirical research on the setting of attorney fees in securities class actions and economic principles at play in civil litigation.  The podcast discussion centered on fee calculation methods, judicial procedure for awarding fees, and private contingency fee agreements.  Professor Silver also discussed the politics of class actions and the dynamics of the tort reform lobby.  In addition, Professor Silver also offered several recommendations for the class action world, including employing a more real world, market based approach to awarding fees in class actions.

NALFA Podcast No. 1: Interview with Law Professor Brian T. Fitzpatrick

Brian T. Fitzpatrick, Professor of Law, at Vanderbilt Law School has researched and written seminal work on attorney fee awards in class action litigation.  This podcast focuses on his empirical research on class action attorney fee awards and his study of professional fee objectors in the class action model.  The NALFA podcast talks about his background, explores his research, and considers what his work means for the plaintiffs’ bar and the future of class actions.  We discuss the economics of fee awards in class actions, the current politics at work in the class action world, and Professor Fitzpatrick even offers a new proposed fee calculation method for class action fee awards.