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NALFA Podcast with Glenn Newberry

March 9, 2018 | Posted in : NALFA News

NALFA continued its podcast series with an interview with Glenn Newberry.  Glenn Newberry is the Head of Costs Unit and Legal Director at Eversheds Sutherland International LLP in London.   He is a UK qualified Costs Lawyer where he is head of his firms’ litigation Costs team.  Glenn has earned a Certificate in Reasonable Attorneys and qualified for NALFA fellowship.  He is the first UK-based lawyer to gain this recognition.

In the podcast interview, Glenn talked about his early career as a cost draftsman and his work now as a qualified Costs Lawyers.  As the past editor of Costs Lawyer magazine, the podcast also included a discussion of the role of the UK Costs Lawyer and the work of the UK-based organization Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL).  The ACL and NALFA share many parallels.

NALFA hosts a podcast series on attorney fee and legal billing issues.  We talk with thought leaders throughout the legal profession.  “Glenn has an outstanding skill set for fee and costs issues in litigation in the UK, and through our programs, has gained even more insight on fee and billing issues in the U.S.,” said Terry Jesse, NALFA Executive Director.

To listen to the podcast, visit https://soundcloud.com/thenalfa/nalfa-podcast-interview-with-glenn-newberry