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NALFA Conducts Custom Hourly Rate Surveys

July 4, 2017 | Posted in : Billing Rate Survey, Hourly Rates / Hourly Billing, NALFA News

NALFA conducts custom hourly rate surveys for law firms and courts.  NALFA surveys provide the most accurate and current hourly rates in a given practice area and geography.  Our hourly rate surveys assist state and federal courts in awarding attorney fees in large, complex litigation throughout the U.S.  Our surveys provide hourly rate data that assist courts in calculating attorney fee awards.  Special masters and litigators rely on our hourly rates surveys in their fee requests and recommendations.

Our hourly rate surveys are peer-benefiting.  As such, all participants of this survey will have access to the survey results.  In a comprehensive report our survey results will show hour rate data for partners and associates in an underlying practice area.  Indeed, participates of our surveys will see how their hourly rates compare to those of their peers.